Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Almost Here

It's been a while since I posted anything.  I guess there hasn't been much to say that I though would be of any interest. It's just a little over a month until Gen Con, and I'm starting to get into final prep mode.

One of the first things I'm doing is trying to decide what I want to make sure I've read before con time.  I'm pretty much where I want to be.  I'm close to finishing the Pathfinder Inner Sea Guide so I have a feel for Golarion.  It's such a well done setting, that the book is just interesting to read.  It doesn't hurt that I have more Pathfinder games scheduled than any other game.  I'm also going to try to read through the Eclipse Phase rules, as that looks like an interesting game.  I read rules some times just so I can join a pick up game if I happen upon one.

My Wednesday schedule is giving me issues.  There's a surprising amount of things I could be doing with that day. I think I've decided that the best use does not include scheduling much of anything.  I'm going to go to the Critical-Hits Drunken D&D game party Wednesday evening to watch the game and mingle.  That's about all that's set in stone now (that and making sure my roommate doesn't have to take a ridiculously expensive cab from the airport).  I think the best thing for that day for me is to use it to meet people I know from twitter and other places and maybe get involved in a pick-up game or 10. Yes, Wednesday has officially become a socializing day for me.

I had the last second possibility come up last week to bring Abney Park to play during Gen Con.  After looking at the costs and time I'd have to commit, I decided against trying this year.  It's just too close to try to plan and pull off something like that.  I have to say, Captain Robert was very interested in playing the con, and very helpful in making booking the band as easy as possible.  I want to try to do this next year when there's time to plan everything and when I might be able to get the Gen Con staff involved.  There's an awesome 1500 person venue a block north of the convention center. This year would have been perfect since they're releasing the Airship Pirates RPG.  I just wish the twitter conversation that started this had come a month earlier.  Might have happened then.

My next post will probably be a discussion of what I'm bringing to Gen Con.  Sam's Club sells cases and partial cases of 5-hour energy, and I know that's on the list.  I'll also be scouring con survival guides and trying to pull out the gems from there.  If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.  I'd like to make the post a very useful guide targeted specifically at Gen Con.

Oh...a final note: Indianapolis is in full construction mode.  They're doing a lot of work preparing the city for the Superbowl that may or may not happen this year.  The city should be really pretty by Gen Con time as a lot of the beautification projects will be complete.  There will probably still be significant roadwork going on though, so plan accordingly and check for construction updates if you're driving in.