Friday, July 22, 2011

Accomplishment: I Haz It

Today, an article of mine was posted on Critical-Hits. It's about all the great things Scotty's Brewhouse is doing for Gen Con.  Please go read it at :

Yeah..I got an article of mine posted on the ENnie nominated Critical-Hits (Two more days to vote as I write this..go vote for them here. Best Blog category). What an honor. I frankly can't really believe it. I was originally going to post it here, but I thought that they might be interested in it since they're talking a lot about Gen Con now, and it seemed like a better fit there since they get way more visits than my blog. I really wanted Scotty's to get maximum exposure because the place is doing so much for us gamers this year.

As this became a reality today, I looked back on my first post and how this blog came to be. I "visited" Gen Con for a few hours last year and wanted more. I thought I might be able to provide people coming to Gen Con with a little more information so they would have a better trip. There's also a healthy dose of personal stuff about my adventure in returning to gaming. To recap: 1 year from nothing to publishing article in one of the most respected gaming blogs out there (maybe someday I'll even post an article actually about gaming somewhere :) ).

Thank you all for reading my musings. I am going to call this experience a complete success, and when Gen Con starts (for me) in 11 days I'm going to pursue fun with all the energy I have. For those who think you'll never achieve your goals, you won't. You won't unless you put yourself out there, take a risk, and TRY. Do that, and who knows where you'll end up?

This isn't a final post, though it does have that sort of tone. It's just a milestone. Not sure where I'll go from here, but I will continue on.

This has been a good year.

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