Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I Plan to Cover Here

I'm hoping to make this more than just my musings on getting to Gen Con 2011.  Hopefully this will be a useful resource to those planning on attending next year as well.

I'd like to do some posts covering the rooms and services offered by the major hotels downtown and have these all done prior to pre-registration time.  This might provide some additional info and help everyone chose where they want to stay.  I know I'll give the reasons for my pick.  I'd also like to take every opportunity I have to get some pics of the convention center as the new construction progresses, and of the new J.W. Marriott hotel as they complete it.  If I get the opportunity, I'll also try to cover some of the nearby eateries and bars.

Since I've been out of gaming for so long I'm going to be picking up a few games and getting to know the rules.  At minimum I'm going to have to learn the newest editions of those games I might have known at one time, but now have to relearn due to changes.  I'll talk about these, and what I think of them.

....And as with any blog, I'll have random musings that are at least minimally related to Gen Con as well.

Hope I can make it an interesting ride for everyone.

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