Monday, September 13, 2010

Elf Park Lives!

It's been a month since Gen Con 2010, and the infamous Elf Park is still a feature of downtown Indy. Hopefully they never get around to fixing this. :)
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  1. Greetings To You,
    DQuartermane on here from Twitter and let me just say that you have another reader here. That is so funny about Elf Park. I personally hope that they never fix that. Or perhaps make it Elf Park again for Gen Cons.

  2. Nice to have you as a reader. Hopefully I'll be able to find and post other little gems like this as the year wears on. I really should have checked in here since you can still check in to "Elf Park" on Foursquare :). In any case, while I don't condone it in any fashion, I suspect that Elf Park will be back next year regardless of repairs.