Monday, February 21, 2011

More Gen Con Attendance News

My prospects are continuing look better for actually making it to Gen Con this year. One thing that will work in my favor is making it as inexpensive as possible. To that end when I booked my room at the Westin, I paused before hitting the "single king size bed" option, and got a two double bed room instead. It occurred to me that a roommate would significantly cut down on cost, and someone who found out they could attend at the last second could have a place to stay. Since I booked the room, I could decide if I was comfortable with the person, our not. That's an all-win situation. As you can probably guess, that scenario seems to have played out, and I have a probable roommate for my room. Nothing is concrete yet, but I'm really happy to be in a situation where I'm probably going to save some cash, and a person who really should be going to Gen Con is going to have a good room to lodge in. Things are really looking up, and it's all coming together for me not only being able to attend, but also stacking the odds in my favor for having a great, stress-free time.
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