Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time To Make A Difference

Gamers are generally good people. Sure you meet the annoying rules lawyer, or the total asshat now and then, but overall gamers are a really good, caring bunch. Some say we really don't do anything to help the world, but recent events put that theory to shame. I bought product today from two different sources, and the money is going to very good causes. I'm not going to say I donated, because what was offered for my money in each case is greater than the value of what I gave. I almost feel greedy because of it, but I know the money I spent is ultimately going to help others, so I'm OK with that. The real heroes here are those who donated their products or profit to these causes.

The first cause is one that really got to me. I can't imagine what this woman is going through. Few things scare me like the threat of going blind, and this poor lady is facing it as a single mother. Her daughter may be headed that direction as well. Please take a look at this site and donate if you can. You get gaming product for your donation, so seriously...take a look. It's $10. That's less than two fancy coffees at Starbucks.

The second cause is all over the news. We've all heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This is the nightmare of many countries:  A major quake strikes a major population center. There are still many unaccounted for people, and to quote @CatherineQ: "300 people missing in NZ is equivalent to 30,000 people missing in the US. NZ is a small country." Catherine is a astrophysicist from New Zealand currently living in the U.S.. Sure, some will say New Zealand is well off, and doesn't need our support. I remind those people that it was the charity of others from the within the U.S. and around the world that made the most difference during the hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans. How can you, as a gamer, help out? Simple.  DriveThru RPG has put together a New Zealand quake relief bundle for $20. It's got something in it for every gamer. What amazes me about this is the amount of stuff DriveThru has put into the bundle. There's over $320 in gaming goodness in it. Yes...$320 for your $20, and your $20 goes to earthquake relief for New Zealand. Come on folks! This is truly a no-brainer. Follow the link below, and donate please.

I hope those who read this are moved to give money. If not, I hope you bought these bundles like I have, because with what you get you can't call it a donation. :)

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